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Due to the nature of their work, your tyres suffer the most general wear and tear out of any other component of your vehicle. Therefore, it's important that you stay on top of their health for a smoother and safer drive.

With a stock full of top branded tyres at affordable prices, we’ll have exactly what you’re looking for without you needing to break the bank!

Tyre Services in Aberdeen

Should you be in need of tyres in Aberdeen or the surrounding areas, call John McInnes Dyce today, we specialise in a range of tyre replacements, repairs and new tyres. With a wealth of experience in tyres, our mechanics have the necessary training and skills to make sure you receive a professional tyre service for your car. With professional mechanics who have expertise in tyres, look no further,John McInnes Dyce has you covered, call our team today.


Quality Tyre Fitting

With years of experience, the mechanics at John McInnes Dyce are renowned across Aberdeen for their swift and efficient tyre repairs and replacements across the area. John McInnes Dyce is home to a team of professional mechanics who have all of the experience and knowledge required to work on your tyre services. So, if you’re in need of brand new tyres or a tyre repair service in Aberdeen, there’s no need to wait, simply get in touch with our team today, we’ll go through all of your requirements.

New Tyres across Aberdeen

Our experience has shown us that there’s a range of things that could happy to your tyre and mean that you need a new one. It’s a regulation that you make sure your tyres are kept to the legal standard, so if your tyres don’t have enough tread, then they will need to be replaced. There’s a number of different things that can happen to your tyre at any time especially when cars are used on a daily basis, so it’s important that your tyres are checked to make sure they’re running exactly how they should be. At John McInnes Dyce we’re well known across the area for the great services we offer, so rest assured that you’ve come to the right place.

If your tyres are worn down or you have a puncture and need a tyre repair or replacement in Aberdeen, get in touch with our professional team of mechanics today, we can go through your requirements.


Which new tyres are the best for my vehicle

Whilst there’s lots of things to consider when it comes to choosing brand new tyres, it’s very important to make sure that your new tyres are suitable for your vehicle. Car manufacturers go through a long process to make sure that the tyres on your vehicle meet the right pressure and stability whilst in use. At John McInnes Dyce we use high quality branded tyres so you can trust that when you choose our tyre services you’ll the best quality products from leading car industry brands. All of the tyre services we offer at John McInnes Dyce are supplied and fitted to the highest standards as well as being at competitive prices.


Have a flat tyre? Don’t panic!

As well as just stocking and fitting tyres, we can tend to puncture repairs and problems with tyre pressure. If you’ve got a flat, let us know and we’ll be able to help you in Aberdeenshire.

Alternatively, if you need a replacement, we’ll match the size to fit your vehicle if your current fitting is beyond repair.


For tyres in Aberdeen, call John McInnes Dyce today!

If you’re looking for tyres in Aberdeen, look no further, at John McInnes Dyce we specialise in offering a range of tyre repairs and replacements across Aberdeen. When you choose our team of mechanics, you can rest assured that you’ve come to the right place. We only provide the best quality tyres from leading brands in the car industry. So, whatever your needs from puncture repairs to worn tyres, make sure you call John McInnes Dyce today for all of your tyre requirements in Aberdeen. We also provide customers throughout Dyce with our tyre services.

New & Replacement Tyres across Aberdeen


What’s the main cause of tyre damage?

There’s a number of things which cause tyre damage, but one of the main issues is improper inflation problems, so it’s vital that you check your tyre pressure on a tyre pressure gauge.

What’s my tyre pressure?

You should set the tyre pressure to your car manufacturer’s pressure specification, this can usually be found around the footwell area or at the side of your tyre, but this all depends on the car brand. Make sure that you get the best results by running the pressure until you reach the tyre’s maximum. Should you have any questions, a tyre specialist like John McInnes Dyce can help.

How often is it necessary to rotate your tyres?

Recommendations stat that you should rotate your tyres with every oil change or at every 6000 miles. By not rotating your tyres, you’re increasing the chance of premature tyre wear and damage.

How will I know if I need to change my tyres?

If your tyres need changing, you will notice deterioration in the performance, this tends to show by the handle or grip not holding as well on the roads in poor weather conditions. You may also feel that it takes longer to stop when you brake. There’s a number of things that all point to tyre wear, this includes emergency braking, misalignment, under inflation or over inflation.

What’s the main difference between summer and winter tyres?

When it comes to summer and winter tyres, the tread compound and pattern are different, winter tyres are designed to improve the driving performance in conditions below 7 degrees, they’re effective when driving in the snow, on wet or icy surfaces due to their superior grip.


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