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If it's that time of year for your MOT testing, you've come to the right place in Aberdeen. Our experienced mechanics will give your car the best chance of passing first time with professional MOT preparation.



Whatever brand of car you have, and whatever model it is, rest assured that we’ll be able to help you.

MOT Test Aberdeen

If you’re in need of MOT Testing in Aberdeen, simply give the mechanics at John Mcinnes Dyce a call today. Our experienced team of MOT testers have the necessary skills to ensure a quality MOT test is provided. Our mechanics are highly trained and guarantee that you receive a professional MOT test in Aberdeen, for more information, call our team today.

Professional MOT Garages

With a wealth of experience in MOT testing, the mechanics at John Mcinnes Dyce have established and developed their skills to ensure that we only provide quality MOT testing to our customers. So, what are you waiting for, make sure you book your MOT in Aberdeen, John Mcinnes Dyce have everything you need. An up to date MOT test is vital as they’re a legal requirement, so it’s essential that you make sure your vehicle’s MOT is compliant.


Why do I need an MOT?

MOT tests are required by law for all cars which are 3 years old or more, they must be completed annually. The MOT test is a vehicle safety check which follows strict guidelines set out by the DVSA and they can only be carried out by accredited MOT testers, an MOT is an inspection and doesn’t involve replacing any parts or any work.


MOTs across Aberdeen

MOT tests are necessary for all car owners and they must be carried out at some point in their life, MOT testing isn’t something that you can decide to do, it’s a legal requirement. Regulations state that all drivers must have annual MOT tests carried out on their cars to make sure that they meet the current safety requirements as well as being roadworthy. If you have a brand-new car, then it may not require a MOT test for three years, but once the car is three years old, then you’ll have to book an annual MOT test. Whilst not all cars pass MOT tests, the majority of garages will provide the work or repairs necessary to ensure the car passes its next test. At John Dyce we have everything required to make sure that we provide quality MOT tests for our customers across Aberdeen.


Should you have forgotten about your MOT and it has expired, make sure that you call John Mcinnes Dyce and book your MOT test as soon as possible. Vehicles that have an expired MOT aren’t legally allowed to drive on UK roads, but by booking your car in with a MOT test centre, this means that you’ll be legally allowed to drive your car to the garage for its MOT test.



As people understand that MOTs are required, they may not know what happens in a MOT test. At John Mcinnes Dyce we’ll ensure that our customers understand the full MOT process and what the MOT test involves. The checks that we include in your MOT test are…

Tyres and Wheels

Seat Belts

Body Structure

Exhaust and Fuel Emissions

Drivers Road Views

Lighting and Signalling Equipment





Should I have my car serviced and an MOT at the same time?

At John Mcinnes Dyce, we provide car servicing and MOT services combined, helping you to save time and money. When you choose our MOT and service package for your vehicle, our team will make sure that they meet your individual driving needs.

If your annual MOT test is due and your service schedule indicates that your service interval has been reached and your vehicle needs maintenance, then you can combine the two, here’s why…

Hassle – Avoid taking your vehicle to both an MOT station and service centre for these essential services. At John Mcinnes Dyce we’re home to fully trained service technicians and accredited MOT testers who are equipped to provide both MOTs and car servicing, all under one roof.

Time – Save time, if your MOT and service are due around the same time then we can complete both in one appointment. Book with us and choose a MOT and service date that suits you and your busy lifestyle. If you need a service but your MOT isn’t due yet, you can always book your MOT test up to 1 month before the due date, so you won’t lose the existing expiry date.

Money – Save money and book your MOT and service together, for more information, call John Mcinnes Dyce for a FREE quote today.


Booking Your MOT With John Mcinnes Dyce

If you are going to bring your car to us without any current Tax or MOT this is fine, but you will need to bring a copy of your registration number. This way if you are stopped by the police we will be able to prove that you are on the way to have your MOT carried out.

You are fully entitled to have your car tested up to one full month prior to the expiry of your current MOT. This way if you fail your MOT, then you have plenty of time to complete your repairs. If you pass your vehicle MOT the first time in this period the days willthen  be added to your current MOT so you won’t lose out on time giving you in theory 13 months until the next MOT expiry.

If the Car you are having tested is three years old, and this is the first test, you will need to bring your V5 document with you.

Get back to your day as soon as possible!

You don’t have to be stuck without a car for a long period of time. We know the inconvenience of having to go about your daily life without your main mode of transport, and we’ll have it returned to you as soon as we can.

We provide a while-you-wait MOT testing service, or we can deliver your car back to you wherever you are when the works are complete. We also provide MOT testing to customers throughout Dyce.


For MOT tests in Aberdeen, call John Dyce today!

If you’re looking for a MOT test centre in Aberdeen, simply John Mcinnes Dyce today, we can always be on hand to provide your MOT testing requirements. Having years of experience in the industry means that our team of mechanics have been providing MOT tests to customers across Aberdeen and the surrounding areas for a number of years. Whenever we provide a MOT test, our professional team of mechanics will ensure that your car is thoroughly checked and roadworthy. To book a MOT test today, simply call our professionals at John Dyce and we’ll be happy to meet your requirements.


Why does my vehicle need an MOT?

When vehicles in the UK are over 3 years old, it’s essential that they have an MOT check by law, it’s a legal requirements as it guarantees that your car is roadworthy, as well as being safe and that emission levels are of the right standard. These areas are all requirements from the government and your MOT can be booked up to 31 days in advance.

What will the MOT involve?

The MOT car checks that we provide involve vehicle identification numbers, registration plates, lights, steering and suspension, systems, emissions, bodywork, doors, mirrors, brakes, wipes and washer bottle, windscreen, seat belt, seats, horn, fuel wheels and tyres. These areas are all part of certified DVSA (formerly DVLA) MOT checks.

How long is the MOT going to take?

MOT can last anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes, however, should your car need any repairs in result of the test, it will take longer due to fixing any issues and ensuring you receive your MOT pass certificate.

What will happen if my car fails its MOT?

Our professional team can fix most of the repairs which may show on your MOT, we’ll provide any necessary work at our garage and will try to keep the process quick and efficient. If the repair takes any longer, you can leave your car on our premises and we will contact you when it’s ready. After the MOT test, should you require any work we will contact you with the work and an estimate of the cost.

How much is an MOT?

MOT costs vary depending on the vehicle you have, most MOT prices are based on the official DVSA (DVLA) charges, but they’ll also be determined by the MOT test centre you use. At John Mcinnes Dyce we strive to provide the best value for money service and our customers are often surprised by our competitive and cheap MOTs.

All makes and models serviced

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