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With a stock full of top branded tyres at affordable prices, we’ll have exactly what you’re looking for without you needing to break the bank!

Should you find yourself in need of tyres in Aberdeen or the surrounding, speak to the tyre experts at John McInnes Dyce today.

When it comes to tyres in Aberdeen, we specialise in a range of tyre replacements, tye repairs, and new tyres. With a wealth of experience when it comes to tyres, you can count on our mechanics to help you find the right tyres for your vehicle while receiving a professional and prompt service.

Our fully trained and professional tyre fitters can assist customers throughout Aberdeen and the surrounding areas. To discuss your tyre requirements call John McInnes Dyce, or visit our tyre fitting centre today. 

Quality tyre fitting

Our professional tyre fitters at John McInnes Dyce have a number of years experience and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the range of tyres available.

We are renowned across Aberdeen for our excellent service and the surrounding areas for providing customers with swift and efficient tyre repairs and tyre replacements.

To ensure the highest level of service is given to our customers, all of our tyre fitters and mechanics are fully trained to work on car, van and vehicle tyres. 

We take great pride in our reputation for providing excellent customer service to customers throughout Aberdeen and the surrounding areas.

Should you be in need of a tyre repair or replacement in Aberdeen, then look no further and speak to a member of our professional team today, we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Why should I change my tyres?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider changing your tyres, some damaged tyres can be repaired, although it is essential that the repair is carried out by a trained professional. The six most important reasons that tyres should be changed are:

If you get a puncture – although modern tyres are sturdy and can cope with a number of things, punctures can still occur, when you notice a puncture a trained mechanic should check the tyre and decide if a repair is possible, if a repair is not possible, you will need a new tyre.

The vehicle tyres have worn down to the legal limit – it is always a good idea to check your tyres regularly for tyre wear, a simple way to check if your tyres are worn is to check the tread indicators in the main grooves of tread, they are the small raised buttons.

Your tyres are showing signs of ageing – there is no predictable life span when it comes to tyres, it doesn’t matter when they were made, tyres age, even when they are only used occasionally. Factors that cause tyres to age include temperature, storage conditions and use, as well as the load, tyre pressure and driving style. These factors will have a great impact on the length of service that you can expect from your tyres.

Your tyres are damaged – it is easy for tyres to become damaged, particularly when they are impacted by solid objects in the road such as kerbs, potholes or sharp objects. As soon as you notice any damage to your tyre, you should ensure that a trained mechanic looks over the tyre. A trained professional will be able to advise you on whether the tyre needs repairing or replacing. You should never drive with a damaged tyre, or a tyre with low pressure unless they have been examined by a trained professional.

You notice abnormal wear on your tyre – if you notice abnormal or uneven tyre wear in patches, in the centre or the edges, this could be an indication of a mechanical problem such as improper wheel alignment or a problem with the wheel balance, suspension or transmission. This could also be that you are driving with the wrong tyre pressure if you do notice any abnormal wear call an expert like John McInnes Dyce.

Your tyres aren’t suited to your vehicle – for the best all-round performance, the same type of tyre should be used in all four wheel positions, tyres that are different sizes, constructions and stages of wear may affect vehicle handling and stability.

New tyres throughout Aberdeen

The experience we have gained has shown us that there’s a range of things that could happen to your tyres resulting in you needing new tyres. It is a driving regulation that your tyres are kept to the legal standard, and if your tyres do not have enough tread, they will need to be replaced. Driving with illegal tyres can lead to a fine of up to £2,500 per TYRE!

If you think your tyre tread is low, be sure to speak to a member of our team, we will be more than happy to offer a free tyre check and advise you accordingly.

A number of different things can happen to your tyres on a daily basis, and at any time, so it is important that you check them regularly.

To have your tyres looked at and replaced in Aberdeen, be sure to speak to a member of the team at John McInnes as we strive to deliver great service for every customer.

What are the best tyres for my vehicle?

There are lots to consider when it comes to choosing new tyres, the professional team at John McInnes will be able to advise you on the range of tyres that are suitable for your vehicle.

As a vehicle is built, the car manufacturer will go through a lengthy process to make sure that the tyres on your vehicle meet the right pressure and stability when in use.

Here at John McInnes Dyce we use the highest quality branded tyres from industry leading tyre manufacturers, so you can trust when you choose use for tyres in Aberdeen that you will get the best products in the industry from leading brands.

With our wide range of tyres available, you are sure to find the right tyres for your vehicle.  Should  you be looking for cheap tyres in Aberdeen for your vehicle, look no further, we offer high performance tyres at affordable prices.

Supplying premium tyres for years in Aberdeen?

If you are looking to have premium tyres fitted on your car in Aberdeen, John McInnes Dyce are on hand to help, we have a full range of premium tyres available to customers throughout Aberdeen and the surrounding areas.

With a range of tyre sizes available you can trust that when you choose John McInnes for tyre fitting you’ll find the right tyre for your vehicle. Our price includes the tyre and professional tyre-fitting service.

No matter what type of you require, be sure to speak to the tyre experts at John McInnes in Aberdeen.

Tyre repairs, puncture repairs and balancing in Aberdeen

Here at John McInnes Dyce we understand that puncture can be a huge inconvenience, especially if you need to put the spare tyre on.

Although there is nothing we can do about this, we can ease the weight out of your pocket by providing high-quality puncture repairs and tyre repair services at affordable prices.

When you choose John McInnes Dyce for tyre repairs, you can trust that the service you receive will be second to none. You’ll also be glad to hear that we are able to complete most tyre repairs, puncture repairs and tyre balancing whilst you wait, and we will put the tyre back on your car so you are ready to go again in no time.

If we are not able to repair the tyre, we will offer you advice and guidance on the next step to finding the right tyre for your vehicle with our replacement services.

Flat tyre? Don’t panic speak to John McInnes

As well as stocking tyres and offering tyre fitting services to customers throughout Aberdeen, we are also able to help customers with puncture repairs and general tyre pressure problems sometimes through a mobile service.

If you discover a flat tyre, let us know and a member of our team will be able to help you. If we can’t resolve the issue, we will replace the tyre with a size to match your vehicle.

For tyres in Aberdeen contact John McInnes today!

If you are looking for tyres in Aberdeen, look no further, the team at John McInnes specialise in offering a range of tyre repairs and replacement services to customers across Aberdeen.

When you choose our professional tyre fitters and mechanics, you can rest assured that you have come to the right place. We only provide the best quality tyres from leading manufacturers in the car and vehicle industry.

So, whatever your needs from puncture repairs to worn tyres, make sure you speak to a member of our team today.

We also provide customers throughout Dyce and Westhill with our tyre services.

New and replacement tyres across Aberdeen


What’s the main cause of tyre damage?
There’s a number of things which cause tyre damage, but one of the main issues is improper inflation problems, so it’s vital that you check your tyre pressure on a tyre pressure gauge.

What’s my tyre pressure??
You should set the tyre pressure to your car manufacturer’s pressure specification, this can usually be found around the footwell area or at the side of your tyre, but this all depends on the car brand. Make sure that you get the best results by running the pressure until you reach the tyre’s maximum. Should you have any questions, a tyre specialist like John McInnes Dyce can help.

How often is it necessary to rotate your tyres?
Recommendations stat that you should rotate your tyres with every oil change or at every 6000 miles. By not rotating your tyres, you’re increasing the chance of premature tyre wear and damage.

How will I know if I need to change my tyres?
If your tyres need changing, you will notice deterioration in the performance, this tends to show by the handle or grip not holding as well on the roads in poor weather conditions. You may also feel that it takes longer to stop when you brake. There’s a number of things that all point to tyre wear, this includes emergency braking, misalignment, under inflation or over inflation.

What’s the main difference between summer and winter tyres?
When it comes to summer and winter tyres, the tread compound and pattern are different, winter tyres are designed to improve the driving performance in conditions below 7 degrees, they’re effective when driving in the snow, on wet or icy surfaces due to their superior grip.

What tyres should I use?
When it comes to needing new tyres for your vehicle, there’s a number of things that you need to consider. It’s important to make sure that the new tyres you choose for your car will be suitable for your vehicle, car makers go through a lengthy process, this is to make sure that they will fit the car properly. This includes your vehicles pressure and that they will maintain stability when they’re in use. As tyre specialists we can help to choose the best new tyres for your vehicle. 

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